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Agenda 21-Participación Civil

Javier Mosqueda
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El video con las 2 horas de discusión está aquí

En resumen hay un plan de amontonar más millones gente en la zona de la Bahía de San Francisco, sacándolos de los suburbios desde donde tienen que viajar largas distancias, por falta de verdadera planeación en la generación de economías sustentables.

Extracto de la introducción en el video:

Agenda 21 is the Master Plan put forth by the United Nations in 1992 and adopted by President Bill Clinton. Agenda 21 is a green initiative with targets cars and people living away from cities who must commute. Their goal is to develop large, congested city centers for people to reside, and provide mass transit for the city dwellers to commute to work. It also targets large parcels of land in the world, including the United States, to be redistricted to "open space land", thereby making it undevelopable.

Agenda 21 is now being adopted in California, specifically in the San Francisco Bay Area, under the name "Plan Bay Area". Plan Bay Area's goal is to develop large congested downtown metro areas, with shops, stores, theaters, and mass high rise housing. They aim to get people out of their private suburban residences and cars, and warehouse them in these large metro areas. These areas will also house California's large immigrant population, including illegal immigrants.

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